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Industrial Communication Systems

Professional preferred radio control systems

Professional preferred radio control systems


Antenna Installation

Typical Lighting Arrester  Installation 

Lighting Arrester 20 by Migro  RF  Accessories Available upon request

UHF Coaxial Lightning Arrestor PL-259 Lightning
Surge Protector PL259 UHF Male to SO239 UHF
Antenna Lightning Arrestor for Industrial Radio
Base Antenna, 27MHz, 154MHz, 433MHz

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Migro  Coaxial Lightning Arrester for 0 to 6 GHz
(N-Male/N-Female) - Pro-Grade Antenna Lightning Protector
for 4G, LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, 900MHz, Helium, LoRa,
Industrial and Other Outside Antennas 

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SMA Lightning Arrestor Coaxial Cellular & GPS
SMA Coax Surge Protector SMA Male to SMA Female
0-6GHz, 50 Ohms (6G Lightning arrestor Male to Female)
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937300  SWR/RF/Field Strength Meter  
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