Wireless Controls and Automation


365 days Programmable
Clock Timer, 12, 24 VDC  and 120-208-240 VAC

Series EL,  Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
program in one device

2 or 4 Independently zone controller,  
relay programmable output mode.

■ USB interface for uploading, downloading
of programs and events

Price include: One Controller, USB interface w cable,
CD with software, manual & examples
Smart Time Clock With INPUTS used for Override, GPS,
Photocell or BAS command Multiple daily/weekly events.
 Programmable Output mode: pulse, continuous, delay. 
365 Days, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, ON delay,
OFF delay, Cyclic timers, counters, pulse, Logic functions,
 Boolean, Latch, Sequence relays, and more!


365-Day Smart Time Clock
2 Circuit - SPST -10 Amps


EL6ACU   $199.99



365-Day Smart Time Clock
2 Circuit - SPST -10 Amps


EL6DCU    $199.99  



HMI & Keypad
365-Day Smart Time Clock
4 Circuit - SPST -10 Amps


ELC12ACU   $299.99



HMI & Keypad
365-Day Smart Time Clock
4 Circuit - SPST -10 Amps

12/24/VDC and 24VAC

ELC12DCU   $299.99  

   Specifications:     Examples

Input Power Voltage & Consumption
 ELC12DC  12/24 VDC,      120mA
 ELC12AC  120/240 VAC,    90mA

Discrete inputs
  DC Inputs:  Dry contact 
 Input frequency < 40 Hz
  AC Inputs:  Dry contact  @ 240VAC: 120VAC: 90ms

Relay Outputs
  Current rating 10A  AC1 Max 240VAC
  Maximum Load Resistive: 10A/point; Inductive: 5A/point
  Maximum operating time 15ms
 (normal condition)

  95W, 90H, 58D mm,  3.8W,
 3.6H, 2.3D inches

Operating Temperature:
 -4 to 131F (-20 to 55C)

Installation: DIN or panel mount 

Program interface ELRS232 or ELUSB2 is required
  Programming languages Logic/Function Block
  Program Memory 300 Lines or 260 Function Blocks
  Programming storage media Flash
  Timing ranges 0.01s9999min
  Execution Speed 10ms/cycle

Built-in HMI on ELC models
Customizable screens 31 (H coils)
  LCD Display 4 lines x 16 characters
  Function Keys 8, 4 user-defined (Z inputs)

Communication Options
Programming port RS232 or USB
Wireless I/O long range
Built-in RS485 Communication
Ethernert TPC interface
Modbus-RTU,  Master/Slave mode,
  supports Modbus function codes


Unlimited Possibilities

ELC12,   4 channel features:

Astronomic selection for each timer

Wiring Details

Combination of Timers and logic in one unit
Multiple Time clocks, Counters, Pulse, Cyclic
On Delay, Off Delay,

Input Command: Override, GPS, BAS, Sensor.

Each Weekly Time Clock,  include 3 Cams

■ Password protection


Series Stand Alone 934000  Time Clock 12/24V
2 CH w Clock Backup Battery 

930365 Panel Mount     $129.99 

365 Days Electronic Digital Timer

 With 3V Lithium Battery Clock backup ( included )

Operating voltage: 12, 24VAC/DC, @ 70mA

EEPROM memory protects, loss of programming due to power failure.
Momentary and/or Latching Events.
50 individually programmed daily/weekly events.
Block programming capacity 350 events per week.
10 programmable Holiday dates.
Compensates for leap years.  
Alphanumeric LCD display simplifies programming.
Standard or Daylight Savings Time settings.
Relay Output NO/NC  rated 10Amp  125VAC or  28VDC
Dimensions: 5.90 x 5.90 x 3.54 in.149.86 x 149.86 x 89.92 mm
Installation manual



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