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Model: 930650
Sealed Mechanical float switch
Float plastic and shape and color may vary

  930650     $49.99    




Sealed Mechanical float switch


. The switch can be installed by tie-wrapping it to a support structure or by adding an external weight to the cable.
SPDT contacts are included so the unit can be used to empty or fill a tank or sump.

  • SPDT mechanical switch
  • 10A contacts rated for 1/4 hp
  • Float suitable for sewage and pump control
  • CPE-jacketed 6' (2m) cord
  • External cord weight available( INCLUDED)

Sealed Mechanical Float Switch

 Float  ABS plastic 160F (70C), cable 140F (60C)
 Contact  SPDT  10A 120/240 VAC, 1/4 hp 120/240 VAC
 Operation  angle  25 above, 10 below horizontal
 Dimensions 4.6"H x 2.6" dia. (11.75 x 6.67 cm)
 Cable 16/3 CPE jacketed,



Sealed Mechanical Float Switch
  Sealed Mechanical Float Switch



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