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Optional Control Modules for Migro Wireless Systems

Start Stop Control Module  9SS1

9SS1  Start/Stop Receiver output Module  

OPERATION:   Transmitter sends a momentary pulse via Channel One (1)  to START; 
 the Receiver Control Module Output  turns ON. It will stay ON Until the transmitter
 sends the STOP signal via Channel Two (2) to turn the Receiver Output OFF

Fail Safe Control Module   9FS1

  Transmitter sends an interval pulse as long as the input is activated by a control,
switch or sensor etc. The Receiver at the other end  turns the output ON decodes the interval to
verify the status of the transmitter, If the Transmitter, Finalizes the control action, or a power or
carrier loss occurs, then the Receiver decoder will acknowledge and  turn the Receiver output OFF.

9WiFi Module

         Available for Single or Four Channel Operation



Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.

Radio Installations shall be performed by a certified professional

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