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Electronic Timer  12 VDC 24V   -   24/110/220VAC
DIN rail : 934135
Multi Function Electronic Timer

934135   $88.99

Multi Function Electronic Timer
SPDT, 15 Amp Rating

Time Delay   

Selectable time range 0.1 s to 10 days
- ON delay - OFF delay
- Interval on trigger open
- Double interval - Delay on release
- Symmetrical recycler ON first
- Symmetrical recycler OFF first
- Special functions latch and pulse generator
Automatic or manual start- Repeatability: ≤0.2%

Features - Specifications  
LED indication for relay status and power supply 
Operating Voltage: 12, 24 VDC, 110/220 VAC

Power Consumption:
1 mA, timing 30 mA. maximum

Output  Relay Contacts, S.P.D.T.
Start Switch Closure Time:
20 milliseconds minimum
Rating: 15 amp. max. resistive at 240 volts A.C.;
Life: Mechanical -10,000,000 operations
Storage Temperature: -23C to 70C, 
Operating Temperature: -23C to 55C

UL listed  E308660, CE approved

DIN-rail mounting in accordance with
DIN/EN 50 022

Time control, Annunciator, Toggle switch, Alarm,
12V automotive operation,  traffic lights. test stands
Pump, lighting, exhaust fans, conveyors.


Multi Function Electronic Timer


Multiple time and combinations

Multi Function Electronic Timer

DISCALIMER The applications shown here are referential help examples.  Contact a licensed professional for your project 

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