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 Wireless control, command and monitoring 

937446 Solar Transmitter  Please request price


937444  Please request price


5 Miles ( 8 km ) line of sight
Optional extended 20 Miles (32 km) line of sight
High and Low Level remote indication
Low battery status indication or alarm

Operation Command, Manual or Automatic

Manual: Pump manually controlled by the operator
Automatic: The tank level sensor provides the remote command to start or stop the operation.
Blue light indicates the pump status
Red light indicates the tank level is low
Green light indicates the tank level is high
Yellow light indicates low battery (solar) 937446

   1  Base Transmitter w dry contact inputs 
   1  Base Receiver pre-wired,  ( Command Center )
   2 Antenna 36 inch with coaxial cable & PL259 connector
      NEMA 4  ABS plastic enclosure, & wiring diagram 
  Wiring Diagram
Operating Voltage: 12  VDC
Temperature: -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)
Receiver Type: 16 BIT Digital -118 dB 
Carrier Frequency 27 MHz  Free license industrial band
 Codes: DIP switch programming
Current Drain Receiver  25 mA, standby, 65 mA operation
Transmitter 2 A. 1 second
Data Input TX  2 Dry contacts
Relay Output RX 10 Amp max  250VAC N/O  class 2 pilot duty
Antenna Imp 50 Ohms Quarter Wave Antenna optional
Dimensions: 11.81 x 7.87 x 6.29 in. / 299.97 x 199.90 x 159.77 mm
Weight 8 lb. (4 Kg) each
Enclosure  NEMA 4,  IP67  ABS plastic  waterproof
Compliance per FCC Part 15.249,  50mV/m @ 3m
  Circuit board UL796 and UL94


Receiver incorporates:
Selector switch:   Hand, Off and Auto
LED light indicators for tank level and pump status,

The solar Transmitter 937446 also includes,
One Solar Panel 30W, Charge controller & 7.2 Ah battery


 Wireless Selection

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