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    Environment                                Humidity, Level and Flow Controls  
930636 Room humidistat  
30-100% relative humidity.   


Motor Control, Lighting, HVAC, Power
30-100% RH  Duct Mount sensor probe Horizontal
 or vertical mount Humidistat ON/OFF  single-stagecontrol of humidifiers,dehumidifiers,


Small Sealed Water Detector
control relay for detecting a rising water level, it has a medium power relay inside its waterproof enclosure,


930650 Sealed Mechanical
float switch

SPDT contacts can be used to empty
or fill a tank or sump mechanical
switch, 10A contacts rated for 1/4 hp. Float suitable for sewage and high temperature


365 Days Electronic Digital Timer

Annual Timer can be programmed to operate two relays 365 days, 24 hours per day. Used to control devices in many applications such as Security, Access Control, Alarm Systems, Lighting and Environmental Control. 
936105 Liquid Flow switch

Flow Switch NEMA 4
Stainless Steel


936125 Air Flow Switch

Air Flow Switch NEMA 4
Stainless Steel 



Solar power source for remote areas and energy management
932413 Differential
 pressure switch

Differential adjustable range
1 psid (6.8 kPa) to 10 psid
(69.0 kPa)
Max Pressure - 150 psi
 (0-1034 kPa)



937430 P74 A 30 psi

937460 P75 A 60 psi
Differential pressure switches
for air or liquids, measure the
difference in pressure exerted
 upon its two sensing elements and operate a SPDT switch at the differential pressure setpoint.

30 psi   $298.99 

60 psi   $299.99 

0.05" W.C. to 12.0" W.C.
(12.5 to 2989 Pa)
Low differential air pressure

Switches sense pressure,
vacuum or differential pressure in applications including fan status,
pump status, dirty filter monitoring,
 or frost build-up on coils.



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