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Wireless Controls 

Remote solar


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1 Extended Range Radios 27
  2 Single & Two Ch Pump Control 154
  3 Handheld Wireless Long Range 160
  4 Bidirectional Wireless control
  5 Budget Radio Systems 433
  6 Long Range OEM Selection 154
  7 Command & Monitoring System 154
  8 Wireless Applications
  9 Repeater Options: Solar
  10 WIFi 4 Channel Controller




Motor Control



Control Products
 Special relays

Latching relays

 Industrial timers 
4 Channel timer
 Automation PLC

 Wi-Fi 4 Channel

 Wi-Fi 1 Channel 4P
 Wi-Fi 1 Channel 2P

 Solar panels 


Wireless Controls
All weather radio controls
Bi-directional radios
Wireless I/O NEMA4
433 Radio Modules
433 Radio control Order
OEM radio modules
433MHz Low cost radio system
Medium range radio
Single channel kit
Wireless systems Dual Wireless systems

Radio control applications
RF installation components

433MHz components

  27-154 MHz
300 MHz
433 MHz

Industrial Sensors
Air flow switch

Liquid flow switch
Duct humidistat

Sealed water detector
Duct air ionizer


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